About Us

Welcome to the BoHo Paintbox! If you love beautiful colors, character pieces and a funky vibe, you've come to the right place.
Hello I'm Alynn Koch and like many people, I put creating art on hold for years.  It was a treat, something I could do once the workday was behind me, the kids were taken care and the chores were done, (except the chores were never done!).  Life changes all the time, and sometimes there comes a point where you have to ask yourself if not now, when? In 2019, I started the BoHo Paintbox and put my passion for art first.
My sister, JoAnn, joined me in 2020 to help with the business-side.  We are both creatives, teachers, and bohemians at heart. We absolutely love encouraging people in trying something new and we are excited to be able to provide you with the tools to complete your works of art, whether it’s giving a worn piece of furniture a new life or embellishing a simple flower pot for your garden.
We are proud to be one of the few Dixie Belle retailers in Canada and currently, the only Premier Retailer located in Western Canada. We carry the full Dixie Belle paint line and absolutely love it because it is a chalk mineral based paint that is water based, has no VOCs, and is very easy to use. The colors are rich and blending with this paint is a dream!  We also carry Re:Design with Prima products that work great together with the Dixie Belle line. As our company grows, we will be continually adding new products and we want to become a one-stop shop for all your refinishing furniture and decor projects.
As environmentally conscious people, we also can’t help but notice that our world has become a “throw away” society.  When we get bored with something or it starts looking a little well used, instead of “fixing it” we tend to just toss it and go out and buy another one.  Thankfully, we are seeing a shift in that old way of thinking. More and more people are seeing the value in taking a less than perfect, outdated, or forgotten piece of furniture and are getting creative. By painting, repurposing, and/or adding embellishments we are turning those previously discarded pieces into real works of art that are, unique, beautiful, fun, and loved once again. The possibilities are truly endless!
We believe that this shift to restoring, refurbishing, and repurposing is not only helping heal our planet but we also believe that it’s also helping to heal our souls along the way.